Land Rover performance diagnosis and maintenance


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Log book servicing of Land Rover models

For Land Rover routine maintenance and logbook servicing, legislation no longer allows any discrimination between authorised dealerships and other qualified service providers.

Best practice suggests that logbook servicing should do more than comply with manufacturer warranty. The official maintenance schedule should be regarded merely as a guide because discretion is needed about the level of service and its frequency. This especially applies to some jobs that simply must not be deferred. Also if a vehicle has a hard life, shortening the maintenance period is strongly recommended and this can apply to any vehicle that spends all of its time in city traffic as much as to one that cruises expressways at high speed. The frequent stops and starts that occur in the former case are highly detrimental to component life.

Graeme Cooper Automotive

GCA management and staff have literally hundreds of cumulative years of experience and knowledge in servicing and repairing the various Land Rover models and because these people themselves use the vehicles in all kinds of driving conditions, they are well equipped to provide accurate diagnosis.

For accurate diagnosis of any problems with your vehicle, or merely to ensure that it performs to its potential CONTACT US for an appointment.

Trip Preparation

For long distance travel away from your usual base, it may be unwise to expect to find experienced Land Rover specialists on hand. Off road trips will be even more demanding, so it will be essential before setting off to ensure your vehicle is absolutely safe and reliable. We can also assist with appropriate accessories and spares.

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