Frequently asked questions about Graeme Cooper Land Rover services


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You are always welcome to call us for specific advice. The following is, however, a selection of questions and answers that may help get you started

Question Answer
I have just purchased a Land Rover Discovery still with some warranty remaining. What can you offer me by way of service?
Your remaining warranty will be unaffected by using us and we believe we offer more specialised professional service for all of the Land Rover models than virtually anyone else. Some of our customers have been with us for over 20 years.
I am thinking of taking my 92 model Range Rover off road for the first time. What do I need to do?
Probably very little, other than to ensure the vehicle is safe and reliable. We will do a complete check of all critical components, advise and assist with any upgrades needed and if required, provide a kit of essential spares.
We already do some off road trips, but are now plannng a major desert venture. Can you help?
Your safety is paramount and as in the example above, what we do will be based on a thorough assessment of the vehicle and what is needed. Additionally, we can advise, supply and fit all kinds of enhancements to tyres, suspension, batteries, fuel tanks etc to suit your specific requirements
My Land Rover is used almost entirely between home in the Blue Mountains to work in the city. Economy and safety are my main concerns.

Actually, the driving conditions you describe are just as demanding as off-road work, in that the vehicle must be completely reliable. We will do a complete inspection and advise what is needed to get everything right up to specification with the best engine tune, tyres, brake pads to deliver the safety and economy you need.

I'm considering buying a 10 year old Land Rover. Can you help me?
Yes, but please do not expect us just to do a cursory rego-style check. If we recommend the vehicle, our professional reputation is on the line, so we would want to conduct a complete assessment taking several hours in our workshop. It will be your best safeguard against buying something impractical or potentially expensive to repair and maintain.
Do you stock parts for my older model ?
We carry a comprehensive range of parts for all models up to the present day. Some items we may have to order in, but obtaining these is rarely a problem. We also have many "recycled" parts that do not carry warranty, but are in good servicable condition
Can I get general advice without actually visiting your workshop? You certainly can. Within reason, we are happy to advise what reasons and fixes might apply to your particulat situation. Please understand however, that without inspecting the vehicle, our advice can only be of a general nature. Post your questions on the BLOG (see menu in the side bar)


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