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We think we have heard just about every possible question related to vehicle performance over the last 20 years and in many cases, have been complicit in delivering to the owner pretty much what he wanted, relative to budget.

See the more detailed page onTrip Preparation HERE and:

See the VIDEO of a spectacular trip through Australia's Northern Territory in a Discovery prepared by Graeme Cooper Automotive

The basic Land Rover is such a brilliant design that even in standard form, it out-performs most other 4WD vehicles. Don't forget though, that all vehicles are built to a price and inevitably, there will be compromises. The engineer might want a certain result, but the accountants want to save money. Pragmatically, the engineer "trades off" one desirable attribute for another. Most owners are generally happy with the vehicle as delivered and much of our energy is directed to keeping the vehicle performing to specification. However, for the true enthusiast, appropriate modifications can deliver awesome results.

The list at the right is just a few of the (legal) modifications that will improve handling and performance. For further information about tuning, see PERFORMANCE UPGRADES

Graeme Cooper vehicle upgrades:

  • Engine rebuilds and swaps (diesel and petrol)
  • Suspension improvements
  • Air-to-coil suspension modifications
  • Wheel & tyre swaps
  • Body protection equipment including light guards & side steps
  • Roof Racks
  • Lights & dual battery systems
  • Wheel Carriers
  • Replacement and Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
  • Snorkels

Engine management system upgrades

Cooper tyres & Bilstein suspension components

Suspension modifications

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